Monday, June 29, 2009

The Doctor's Office

Ry-guy is two months old today.  I can't believe how quickly the time passes.  We took him to his doctor appointment this morning and the doctor said he healthy!  Although I had no doubt he is doing well, it is always nice to hear it from someone who went to school for so long to learn about babies! :-)  The unfortunate part about the two month appointment is that it included his first round of shots.  I was so glad J-Lo was with me.  He held little man while they poked him.  I think it was more traumatic for me than it was for him.  After giving him the three pokes he cried a little-we gave him his pacifier- and he was ready for a nap.  God was smiling down on me the day he made my son... I am SO LUCKY!  The doctor said he might be fussy, but so far, we are all good.  (The little bit of Tylenol we gave him before his appointment might have helped us out too!)  

I am glad my Ry-guy is healthy because that has not been the case for me.  For any of the breast feeding mom's out there, be sure to get any signs of mastitis checked out right away.  I write about this in attempt to get more awareness out there of this  infection.  

I believe my case started a little over two weeks ago.  I was at the doctor already for my last check up and the doctor saw the redness on my breast.  She did not seem concerned so I wasn't.  A few days later I called the advice nurse because it wasn't getting better and there was a large lump.  The common question is always "do you have a fever?"  In my case, the answer was no.  When I told the nurse about the lump and the BRIGHT RED spot, she got me an appointment the next day.  I went to the appointment, received the antibiotic and continued with the usual suggestions for treatment- warm compresses, rest and nursing as much as possible.  After a few more days, my symptoms were the same, if not worse.  I have always thought that antibiotics should work within 24-48 hours... not happening.  I called the advice nurse again.  This advice nurse that I spoke with was not concerned and said to call back if things got worse... 

A few days later the doctor that delivered Ry-guy called to check in... she asked how I was (she probably wishes she hadn't!) and I told her the story.  She got me an appointment for an ultrasound THAT DAY to have it checked out.  WHEW... finally, someone else who was thinking this huge lump and red sore were not a good thing... When I got to the appointment, I regretted immediately that I didn't bring someone with me.  The whole process was pretty scary- after they did an ultrasound, they did an aspiration (drained) the now LARGE abscess.  It was pretty painful (in my opinion) and I was bummed that I had let this go so far.  The nurse (she was so sweet) assured me there was nothing I did to have this happen... it just does.  

So after the aspiration, my doctor called again and had me come to see her to check on the spot... after seeing me she wanted me to see a surgeon to see about possible removal of the lump... AAAHHHH... was all I could think.  Two appointments (with a rather good looking surgeon) later, we discovered that the antibiotics were beginning to work and surgery wasn't necessary- for now.  WHEW.  After a roller coaster of emotions I can only hope it continues to get better!  

Any new mom's out there, make sure to take care of yourselves.  I was so happy it was me and not Ry-guy with the issue, but I should have taken better care of getting into the doctor when the antibiotic wasn't working.  

He is getting SO BIG!  2 months and 12 pounds! (couldn't be the chubby cheeks?)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A First Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my AMAZING Husband and Dad!

My sister beat me to talking about how wonderful my dad is... Tracy has a gift of writing her feelings and in this case, the way she feels about our dad is exactly the way I do.  He is a role model for each of his daughters and so many others.  From sewing dresses to teaching us how to waterski... we have learned so much from my dad and have many memories we will treasure for a lifetime. 

In addition to his role as our dad, my dad has a new "hat" he wears with love and pride... Grandpa! One of Ry-guy's favorite places to be is sleeping on "Pop's" chest. Pops loves to give Ry-guy baths and they enjoy spending time together.  I can't help but smile each time I watch my dad interact with little "Ry-guy".  I am sure this will be something I blog about again very soon...

My STUD barefootin' dad

So proud to walk down the isle with him...

Proud "Pops"

Fortunately, I have another incredible dad to talk about this Father's day... J-Lo.  Ry-guy has already discovered, in his 7 weeks of life, what an wonderful dad he has (Gracie reminds Ry-guy just in case he forgets). Watching J-lo and how much he loves our son is something I can't get enough of... I just know the two of them are going to be best friends as Ry-guy gets older and they do all their activities together.   When we were in the hospital after Ry-guy was born, I didn't change one diaper... J-Lo changed them EVERY TIME!  (Don't worry, I do change them from time-to-time now.)

J-Lo with our son and "doghter" 
Truly the LOVES of my life

One last thing I must mention are the people in my life that don't have their dad's here to share this day with.  I am thinking of you and I hope that memories of your dad make you smile today.

Ok friends, this is my first official "solo" (meaning without Tracy's help) blog... let me know how I did! 
From Me to You... :-)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Allow Me To Introduce Myself

     I talked myself out of the iphone - it took me a long time to decide I didn't need one with being at a computer all day at work and having fast internet at home.  Not to mention, having a new little guy means no trips to uncharted territory (no need for GPS).  Maybe i'll get one someday, but not now.  So no iphone means I allowed my sister Tracy to convince me... it's time to start a blog.  
     From me to you... i'll share my experiences - all of them from being a new mom, a wife of almost two years, and a high school counselor.  I live a blessed life, and I am hoping to meet other new moms, find fun ideas and share exciting times with my little Ry guy.  
My Little Ry Guy
My husband - lets call him "J-Lo"