Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009... Good Memories!

As we finish up the last day of 2009, I wanted to glance back and the INCREDIBLE memories from this year.
The Zehnder/Olson family had some exciting times and wonderful blessings...

Ry-Guy made his entrance on April 29, 2009...

Our Family

First ride home in the car

and now... TA- DAH! Our happy little "Mister"

Tracy and Tim TIE THE KNOT!

a special shower for a special sister... read about that here...

and then the BIG day- with a beautiful bride, handsome groom and INCREDIBLE memories! I am so excited to have Tim as a brother-in-law... he makes my sis SO happy! They are not only in love, but absolutely PERFECT for each other.

Family picture time

Mr. and Mrs. Lesher
(for more pictures see Tracy-girl's page here)

We finished out the year with (drum roll here)
dun dun dun dun dun dun dun......


We had a photo booth, fun decorations, an incredible slideshow, good food and best of all... GREAT COMPANY to celebrate "Fireman Mike's" 36 (yes, that's right, 36) years of service for the Elk Grove Fire Department. I am so proud to have him as my dad... I beamed all evening with the comments people made about his time with the department. Although he is happy to be retired (and enjoys spending time with his sidekick Ry-Guy) I think he will always have a piece of him that misses being a part of the firefighter family. It wouldn't be fair to mention Dad with out special recognition for Mom and her hard work to support Dad, our family and run the house. God smiled the day he gave me Mike and Kathy for my parents!

Don't worry, you're not seeing double... we had a life size cut out of "Fireman Mike"

So many "artifacts" helped with decorations

As I remember back on the good memories, I must pause for a moment and remember those who have had their world turned upside down this year... diseases discovered, loss of a loved one, financial struggles... the list goes on an on. I pray for each of my friends, family and ANYONE with painful memories from this past year- may you find many blessings and peace in your hearts during the NEW year, 2010.

What will 2010 have in store for us???
I don't know, but definitely have my HOPES and WISHES!

wink, wink~fingers crossed....

What are your hopes for 2010??


  1. I think my biggest wish for 2010 is for everyone to be healthy. We have been healthy, but my parents lost a very dear friend to a heart attack and their neighbor to a blood clot. Both near the holidays. It makes me realize how precious life is and I just want all my loved ones to be around for many more years! Your recap photos are gorgeous. Happy New Year!

  2. What a great year for you Kel! I can't believe how big Ry-guy is now, I remember visiting him when he was super miniature (now he's just regular miniature :) ). I will see you guys soon!!

    P.S. Had to delete your comment due to the first name making an appearance (trying to stay sort of anonymous) but appreciate the support!

  3. Hi Kelly, thanks so much for stopping by my blog a little bit ago - I hope your new year is going well. Your baby is so darling! I adore your sis and hope she is doing well. Have a great start to the new year! :)

  4. This is totally random... I did the same post, and I hadn't even seen yours!!! WEIRD!!!


  5. Awe, your little man is growing up so fast!